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On the 10Th May 2012, the new bonfires came out within Runescape and was quickly added into Matrix within a few hours. This made the firemaking skill considerably easier as it was fast easy afk experience. It is currently the fastest experience in the game as we do not have curly roots on the server. You would expect bonfires to pile up but they stay as one log and continue to burn for 10 minutes. After 10 Minutes or depending on the log the fire will distinguish and you must light a new one. Along with bonfires they added bonfire spirits which come out from the fire for extra rewards!. This is also added into the game and give from 1-10 charms per time. To continue a bonfire all you have to do it right click it and choose the option "add logs" after you have lit the main fire itself. You will then continue to add logs onto the bonfire while gaining some serious xp!.

Animation of putting logs onto a bonfire:

Bonfire Spirit:

Chatbox when spirit appears:

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